Vrse CEO Chris Milk: VR is “the Last Medium”

    During a TEDTalks published today, Chris Milk, CEO of Vrse, a virtual reality (VR) content producing studio, took to the stage and spoke about VR and how much of an impact it has made on being a creative medium for people to experience a story.

    Chris Milk went through the different mediums in which we take in and internalise stories, starting with the origins way back when cavemen told stories round the fire, progressing through pictures, to books, to theatre, then broadcast, and finally to VR. Milk gave claimed that VR, in terms of mediums, will be “the last one”.

    He went on to say “I quickly started building things in this new medium, and through the process we realised something: that VR is going to play an incredibly important role in the history of mediums. In fact, it’s going to be the last one. I mean this because it’s the first medium that actually makes the jump from our internalisation of an author’s expression of an experience, to our experiencing it firsthand.”

    He went on to compare the rules of VR filmmaking to traditional filmmaking, and how rules are to be broken even before they are made, which is very much to the contrary of what is usually taught. “Contrary to popular belief there is composition in virtual reality but it’s completely different than in film where you have a rectangular frame. Composition is now where your consciousness exists and how the world moves around you.”

    One point that Milk emphasises throughout the talk is the importance of music in our lives, and how VR can enhance the experience of it. He then ended the talk with letting the audience try our VR using the Google Cardboard mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD).

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