VR Stealth Title Budget Cuts Announced

    If there’s one genre that hasn’t really been fully explored in virtual reality (VR) just yet, it’s stealth. Mike Bithell’s Volume will be getting PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) support later this year and there are some examples of the genre already seen on the Gear VR mobile-based kit, but there a few VR videogames that truly embrace the idea of remaining in the shadows and avoiding detection. That’s changing this week with the announcement of Budget Cuts, a brand new title on its way to the HTC Vive HMD on PC.

    Developed by Neat Corporation, Budget Cuts is a first-person stealth title in which players assume the role of a spy working for a company that specialises in space-time technology. As seen in a trailer below, you’ll be tasked with sneaking into the facilities of enemy organisations using a variety of gadgets and gizmos, the most important perhaps being a short range teleportation device to help you navigate around an environment. Using the HTC Vive’s position tracked controllers, players will hide bodies, knock enemies out with dart guns and search through spaces for intel.

    Budget Cuts is said to be coming ‘soon’, but there’s no mention of any possible release on the Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR HMDs for the time being. The title has, however, attracted the attention of top talent at HTC Vive co-developer Valve, with the company’s Chet Faliszek recently noting on Twitter: “If you ever heard me talk about an amazing stealth game on the @htcvive, this is it – Budget Cuts!” The HTC Vive itself is expected to launch in April 2016, though there’s no word on a specific launch date nor price.

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