VR Battle Grid Supported by Steam Community After Greenlight Approval

    This month has seen a series of Steam Greenlight campaigns for virtual reality (VR), and after being posted at the beginning of this month, VR Battle Grid has now been supported enough by the community on Steam for it to be successful and it will make its way over to Steam as a full title later this year.

    This is a very familiar videogame, pretty much copying Battleships (or, as shown off by the developers on the Greenlight page, also named various other titles in other countries such as Bataille Navale in French or Zeeslag in Dutch) and it holds the exact same kind of gameplay, except of course with room scale VR added to it. The player is a naval commander who is stood on the map of the sea, launching rockets at where they expect the opponent’s ships will be placed after placing their own on their visible map.

    There are six different classes of hidden ships that can be battled against and used, including Aircraft Carrier, Amphibious Assault, Cruiser, Littoral Combat, Destroyer, and the Submarine. In this strategic naval videogame the HTC Vive PC-based head-mounted display (HMD) is used to its full capacity with room scale game design, and to add to that there is also the audio spacial quality to the title that allows the player to know when rockets are going to fly past their heads, as well as splashes to be heard around their feet that can be differentiated from the other sounds.

    As is the same with many other Steam VR titles, the developers are still working to make this title a full version, and they encourage any feedback to be sent to them.

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