Virtual tour software: Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.3 beta 1

    Kolor releases today a first beta of Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.3 virtual tour software.
    This version corrects a crash that occured on Mac. We suggest all our Mac users to try this version.

    We’re also introducing some new features:
    – Automated timestamped backups
    – Sharing on more social networks
    – Support of Yandex in Panotour Maps plugin

    Read the change log below for more details.


    Download for Windows & Mac (Linux version available soon)

    The change log

    Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.3 beta 1


    Many crashes were reported with Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.2.0 version on MacOS.

    This version is highly recommended to all users on MacOS that faced crashed with previous version.

    The regression that broke the panorama and group placement at each project opening is now fixed. Panoramas and groups are positioned correctly.

    New Features

    Backup project files

    A new general option in the settings allows you to create a backup timestamped version of your project file each time you save it, allowing you to archive automatically your work.

    PanotourMaps plugin

    Add support of Yandex maps layer

    Social Share plugin

    Add support of Digg, Tumblr, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon

    Add possibility to resize the buttons displayed in the plugin

    Enhanced start options

    Add new start options to hide hotspots, pause sounds and pause autorotation when the splashscreen is displayed

    Mouse cursor

    Ability to enable/disable the default and dedicated mouse cursor


    Add support of rounded edges for tooltips

    Double Click plugin

    Add possibility to zoom in on double click


    HTML templates enhancements

    We added some internal templates that ease the creation of HTML templates.

    But all your previous custom HTML templates have to be upgraded using new internal templates.

    Just take a look to the templates delivered with Panotour Pro to know which changes you need to do in your custom templates.

    Gyroscope buttons in control bars

    In all the control bars delivered with Panotour Pro, we added the possibility to enable/disable the gyroscope button according to the kind of devices.

    Moreover, the button that enables/disables the gyroscope of the mobiles and tablets, did the opposite of what it should.

    This bug was not noticeable until we did some changes in the gyroscope management templates.

    So we changed all the control-bars delivered with Panotour/Panotour Pro to fix their Gyro buttons.

    If you are using custom control bars and if these bars use a Gyro button based on ours you’ll have to change the code of this button.

    Fixes since 2.2.0


    – 0003860: [Import] Livepano: Japanese characters are not fully supported

    – 0003859: [UI] If HTML template file is not found, replace it by the first found one

    – 0003683: [UI] Panorama and group layout is not kept when reopening a project

    – 0003719: [UI] Add yandex maps support for Panotour Map UI

    – 0003727: [UI] Add start option to hide all hotspots when splashscreen is displayed

    – 0003796: [UI] Add UI selector to activate/deactivate default VR cursors in Flash + HTML5 player

    – 0003848: [UI] Add a “Pause autorotation” option in the splashScreen

    – 0003847: [UI] Add a “Pause background and sound spot” option for the splashScreen

    – 0003767: [UI] Files with dots in filenames are not correctly exported in tours

    – 0003733: [UI] Livepano : on second livepano the video crop display the first livepano video

    – 0003783: [UI] Livepano : gamma value is “rounded” lower

    – 0003901: [UI] Bad renaming of project file and main tour HTML file when “.” is used in the names and paths

    – 0003868: [UI] Main HTML file is not renamed when the tour file name is renamed

    – 0003709: [Algorithm] Unable to undo any floorplan parameters

    – 0003704: [Algorithm] Unable to export panoramas that are not fully loaded

    – 0003836: [Tour] Spots are displayed behind splashscreen

    – 0003869: [Tour] Add transparent background color for hotspot video/livepano and display video integration

    – 0003797: [Tour] Update HTML template to use metatags + scripts tmpl files

    – 0003849: [Tour] On resume sound a directionnal sound can be played with a video which pause sounds

    – 0003850: [Tour] Correct play/pause button state on video played on start

    – 0003799: [Tour] Map spot can’t load the spot description into Description plugin.

    – 0003711: [Tour] Sounds problems with background sounds + videos/livepano spots

    – 0003714: [Tour] Autotour does not load planar panoramas

    – 0003912: [Tour] Better link between autotour and autorotation functions

    – 0003899: [Tour] Correct flying picture spot without autorotation

    – 0003898: [Tour] Krpano Flash player bug : HACK for video spot playing when hidden with pausedonstart option

    – 0003892: [Tour] Add tooltip rounded edge options

    – 0003869: [Tour] [Not working on IOS] Add transparent background color for hotspot video/livepano and display video integration in HTML5 player

    – 0003878: [Tour] Upgrade external javascript libraries used by a tour

    – 0003835: [Tour] HTML5 plugins (viewers and areas) : interface and/or plugin is hidden when the content is displayed on Chrome 37

    – 0003943: [Tour] Groups background sound (loops or endless sound selector) correction

    – 0003935: [Tour] Autotour skips planar panoramas

    – 0003771: [Plugin] HTML5 plugins (areas) : IE8 compatibility with area animation

    – 0003825: [Plugin] Resume autorotation on control bar rather than start it, and add start action support which apply the panorama delay

    – 0003866: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : bad resize due to rounded values

    – 0003861: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : correct loaded state for 0 ko or not found images

    – 0003311: [Plugin] [IE11 bug] IE11 bug with iframe + fullscreen with HTML5 plugins

    – 0003855: [Plugin] Gyroscope : add devices (tablet/mobiles/ios/android/all) and pitch elasticity options

    – 0003822: [Plugin] Control Bars : modification of gyroscope buttons code

    – 0003837: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : ability to start on the center rather than on the current panorama if geolocalized

    – 0003717: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add yandex maps support

    – 0003716: [Plugin] PanotourMaps “bouncing animation” effect on spot doesn’t work.

    – 0003321: [Plugin] Double click : add possibility to zoom in on double click

    – 0003792: [Plugin] SocialShare : add support for buttons size + margin

    – 0003725: [Plugin] SocialShare : add option to use the real current position into the sphere rather than one used on plugin start

    – 0003828: [Plugin] SocialShare : Add SocialShare plugin sharing options : Digg, Tumblr, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon

    – 0003845: [Plugin] Description plugin : start opened problem if no event interaction is checked

    – 0003846: [Plugin] Description plugin : add info button refresh to keep button state if a scene hasn’t a description

    – 0003944: [Plugin] PanotourMaps + Floorplan : apply the “close on new pano” option on the current panorama

    – 0003772: [Plugin] Floorplan : add greater than IE9 version condition for spot animations

    – 0003721: [Plugin] Combobox : wait until loaded state to avoid bad call to selected item

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