Back in February 2016 VRFocus spoke with MiddleVR about its upcoming virtual office software Improov3. The third iteration was soon to launch in Beta the following month. Now the company has announced the full software package is available bringing new virtual reality (VR) headset support and a wealth of features.

Improov3 is all about saving time and money for businesses by improving efficiency. A mixture between virtual office and meeting room, the software allows users to upload 3D models to view them at one-to-one scale. Currently focused towards CAD engineers, single-users or multiple can all get together from anywhere in the world to discuss projects or look at designs. The system allows both VR and none-VR users to join the same meeting. In the future MiddleVR will evolve the platform so that professionals from backgrounds including architecture and teaching can utilise Impoov3 for their own uses.

The software is compatible with a range of VR devices and inputs, such as: Oculus Rift (DK1, DK2, CV1), HTC Vive (DK1, Pre), Vuzix, CAVE, Holostage and many more that are supported by MiddleVR for Unity. This also includes input devices: Leap Motion, Microsoft Kinect 1 & 2, Razer Hydra and others. Improov3 also supports a wide range of file formats: CATIA V5 ( .CATPart, .CATProduct, .cgr R10 -> R22 ); CATIA V6 ( 3DXML Binary, R2011x ); 3DXML (V3, V4 Ascii); SolidWorks (.sldprt, .sldasm, All-> R19); Siemens NX (JT: JtOpen 7.0 -> 9.5 ); STEP (.stp, 203/214); IGES (.igs, 3&5); VRML; FBX; OBJ; 3DS and STL.

While support for the current batch of HMD’s is new, Improov has been commercially available for nearly ten years. Head for further info if you’re interested in getting hold of a copy.

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