Ustwo Games Releases Land’s End Soundtrack for Free

    Last month UK developer Ustwo Games released its follow up to popular mobile title Monument Valley in Land’s End for the Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The first-person exploration title has received high praise thanks to its large, visually striking environments and its storytelling techniques. Fans also enjoyed the project’s original soundtrack, which was unfortunately buggy in VRFocus‘ review. For those that want to enjoy these tracks without having to head into VR every time, Ustwo Games has now made it available to download for free.

    The company announced the release in a brand new blog post in which audio designer Todd Baker and programmer Manesh Mistry explain what went in to creating the audio effects for the title. The pair look at influences such as thatgamecompany’s seminal hit, Journey, as well as sci-fi epics such as Interstellar. They also discuss the challenges in creating audio that’s specific to VR, including aspects such as positional sounds, as well as what role music in general plays within VR and how it helps immerse players.

    The soundtrack itself is available on SoundCloud and features the nine tracks that will accompany the player through the title’s five levels. Ustwo Games itself notes that Land’s End is best played with a pair of headphones every time the title is booted up, and these make it easy to see why.

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