Timeshift Episode Three in VR180

Timeshift Episode Three in VR180.

Enter into the world of the timeshift on the campus of National Chengchi University. Students create a timeshift experience using time stop and group experiential planning.

Here’s a recording in VR180 so if you view it in a virtual reality viewer, it will show in 3D with 180 degree view. Check us out in the almost reality of virtual reality.

Cast: Ober Delauney, Emilia Gonzalez, Zoe Theeten, Lucie Kimlová, Cindy Liu, Max Lin, Jerry Yu, Enya Xiao, Juliane Anger, Louise Chabrier, and Carlose Caexeres.

Students in the Introduction to Theatre Practice course taught by Dr. Phillips in the English Department at National Chengchi University practice staging of groups for performance impact.

This video was shot on 25 April 2019.

Music: Walking In Line by Freedom Trail Studio, used as part of a creative commons license.

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