T-Mobile to Be the First Wireless Carrier to Sell Gear VR

    It’s a big month for Oculus VR, Samsung and the pair’s Gear VR mobile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). After launching as a developer and fan-focused Innovator’s Edition all the way back in December 2014 the first truly consumer-ready edition of the kit is set to arrive in the US later this week on 20th November 2015. The device is currently available to pre-order at a range of outlets such as Amazon, Best Buy and Samsung itself. Given that Gear VR is a smartphone peripheral, you can also expect it to be sold by a range of carriers. The first of these to do so is T-Mobile.

    The company has announced that it will also be selling the Gear VR for $99 USD, albeit a week later on 27th November. The device runs with Samsung’s line up of 2015 smartphones including the Galaxy S6, its curved counterpart in the Galaxy S6 edge, the enlarged Galaxy S6 edge plus and its latest larger handset, the Galaxy Note 5. Anyone looking to kill two birds with one stone might consider getting both the phone on a contract and the device from T-Mobile itself, then, if not buy the phones outright from a retailer.

    Samsung and Oculus VR have lined up a range of updates for Gear VR ahead of its launch this week. Major in-house software such as Oculus Arcade is now live as are a number of projects from third-party teams such as Ustwo Games with its first-person adventure title, Land’s End, and Climax Studios with its shooter sequel, Bandit Six: Salvo. A number of other videogames such as CCP Games’ Gunjack are expected to launch in the near future. International pre-orders for the device aren’t yet available but are expected to launch soon.

    VRFocus will continue to follow Gear VR closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.


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