Super VR Race

    Oculus race

    Racing game for the oculus rift with working Enemy AI and Xbox 360 steering wheel/controller support.

    Works with: Oculus runtime 0.0.7

    Controls (xbox):

    • Menu: D-Pad en A
    • Accelerate: RT
    • Backwards: LT
    • Steering: Turn the steering wheel or Left joystick
    • Brake: B
    • Reset Car: X
    • Reset Oculus Camera: Y
    • Nitro: A

    Controls (keyboard)

    • Menu: Arrow keys and Space
    • Accelerate: W
    • Backwards: S
    • Steer left: A
    • Steer right: D
    • Brake: Spatiebalk
    • Reset Car: E
    • Reset Oculus Camera: R
    • Nitro: Q

    Developer Skillcapped
    Publisher Skillcapped
    Release Date October 16, 2015
    Full Game
    Supported Rift Versions
    DK1, DK2
    Supported Controllers
    Keyboard, Gamepad, Other
    Game Modes

    Super VR Race