Studio Surgical Scalpels’ Space FPS Frontier Heads To PSVR

    This week may have been SIGGRAPH 2016 over in America but for the PlayStation VR the big announcements have been coming out of Asia. The latest being the apparent confirmation of a new title for the PlayStation VR from Studio Surgical Scalpels. Called Frontier the game was revealed at ChinaJoy 2016, currently underway until July 31st in Shanghai.

    Taking place in a future not that far from today, the space-based multiplayer first-person shooter has players take on the role of astronauts doing battle in zero to low gravity. Earth is filling, space is infinite and soon thanks to a space-elevator that makes getting into space is relatively easy demand to escape the confines of the planet draws many skywards.

    The only problem is everyone wants what’s best for them – and when you throw pirates, bandits and governments into the mix this ‘new era’ for humanity sounds like it is going to have a very violent birth.

    Already being referred to, somewhat inaccurately as “ADR1FT with guns” by several commenters, a trailer, not currently up on the studio’s YouTube channel was shown during the ChinaJoy presentation. It was captured by the team at though and you can see it below.

    The studio YouTube channel does however have some additional early in-game footage, captured and posted back in June last year. You can find that below also:

    VRFocus will bring you more details on Playstation VR titles in the near future.