In this video I show you, how to produce the so-called Street Lapse or double exposure timelapse effect, recording with a 360 camera, like Insta360 X3.
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This time I show you some recording tricks for the best result, and guide you through the entire process of creating this special timelapse effect, almost totally automatically on smartphone, and of course, I show you all the editing tricks in After Effects and Premire Pro for getting the same look with a little bit more freedom in creating the final look.


0:00 What’s coming up in the video?
0:16 What is Street Lapse? w/ Basic Accessories
0:42 How to shoot Street Lapse?
1:37 Tips and Tricks for the best result
2:59 Editing with Shot Lab (on Smartphone)
4:52 Editing on Computer w/After Effects & Premiere Pro
8:15 Summarizing the Potentials of Street Lapse


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Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)
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