Stop the Orc Horde in Trickster VR

    Arriving on Steam Early Access today is a brawling videogame for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) where players have to stop a legion of orcs, in Trickster VR.

    Developed by Trickster Games, the title successfully completed a Steam Greenlight campaign last month to make it into early access.

    It’s a wave based action videogame, so as the rounds progress enemies become more plentiful and a lot harder. Currently Trickster VR features three modes to try your skills at, Casual, Brave and Legendary. Casual really introduces players to the gameplay mechanics, useful not only for first time players but also for anyone new to virtual reality (VR). While Brave could be considered the standard normal difficulty, challenging players who are used to VR. Legendary is for those players who want a real challenge with the full force of the horde bearing down on those brave enough to try.

    For this early access version the Sky Arena will change every round so there’s no learning a good spot for another time, while the final version of Trickster VR with include procedurally generated levels. And currently there are eight different enemy classes which all come with their own separate set of skills. To fight them off players can choose between ranged on melee weaponry, a bow that fires three arrows at once or a magical sword to slice them up.

    Also when fully launched in 2017 Trickster VR will include upgrades and a story to unravel. Players will be able to collect interactive dioramas called ‘memories’, revealing the back story that leads up to a finale.

    If Trickster VR looks like your kind of videogame then you may want to pick it up early. At the moment it comes with a 15 percent discount until 19th August, dropping the price from £6.99 GBP to £5.94. But the developer does also state the: “Finished game will have a higher price. Price will increase along the development process with big, game changing updates.”

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