Space Rift Developers Compare Title Narrative to “Mass Effect and Uncharted” in Latest Making-Of Video

    Previously it was reported that the developers of Space Rift from Vibrant Core was to release a weekly video over seven weeks outlining the development of the videogame in much detail, and the latest video has now been released, The Story, following the release of the more generic look at the title exactly a week ago today.

    In The Story, the Project Director, Gahid Chbib, explained how the story was created: “I hired a dedicated story writer, Milan, who did a great job in developing the story of Space Rift and turning it into what it is now.” The story is then described, that mankind has left for Mars after a natural disaster wrecks Earth as we know it, and only the organisations Wyss and Pandora made it to their destinations, therefore taking mankind as their slaves in return of oxygen and sustenance. In order to beat the megacorporation that is Wyss, players harvest asteroids.

    “What makes Space Rift special is that it is a fairly traditional game for a VR title in that it tells a story and at the same time cotrains a llot of game,” says Milan Pingel, Narrtive Designer. “Our aim was to develop a traditional game in the vein of Mass Effect or Uncharted, while also making an attempt to draw players into this world and give them possibilities to have fun and experience a thrilling story at the same time.”

    Tim Shroeder, Lead Programmer, also has his part to explain in the narrative building of Space Rift, and the full video can be viewed below for a complete in-depth look into the story behind Space Rift.

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