Sony Denies $800 Price Tag for PlayStation VR

    Last week it broke that upcoming PC-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the Oculus Rift, cost some $599 USD to pick up. That price was a fair bit higher than fans had expected given that the company had suggested a much lower range of $200 – $450 in past years. It also sparked speculation about just how much Oculus Rift’s rivals, the PC-based HTC Vive and the console-based PlayStation VR, would cost. Neither has had an official tag placed upon it, but Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has recently stepped in to deny rumours that the latter will cost some $800.

    PlayStation VR headset

    Those rumours stemmed from a listing on Amazon’s Canada store that priced the anticipated kit at $1,125.35 CAD, which works out to around $800. Forbes, however, has recently posted an update to a story in which it’s had official word from SCE itself, confirming the listing to be an error. “This was an error by Amazon,” the short statement read, “we haven’t announced price for PlayStation VR.” According to the site the company did however reiterate that the kit will be releasing in the first half of 2016. Amazon has since removed the pricing from its PlayStation VR listing.

    PlayStation VR hasn’t yet received a full release date past that wide window, though time is running out if SCE truly intends to launch the kit in the first half of this year. It could be that SCE is planning to make an announcement at the 2016 Games Developer Conference (GDC) in March, as this is where PlayStation VR was first revealed under the codename of Project Morpheus back in 2014 and then again with a near-final version in 2015, though this is purely speculation on VRFocus‘ part.

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