Solos Smart Cycling Glasses Completes Crowdfunding With 250% of its Goal

    VRFocus reported at the end of May that the Solos Smart Cycling Glasses had already reached its first goal of $50,000 (USD) a couple of days in, reaching over $68,000 with just over 40 days to go. Now it can be confirmed that the Kickstarter campaign received just over 250%.

    After getting over $128,000 in pledged funding by the end of the campaign, which was yesterday, the augmented reality (AR) cycling glasses will be preparing for manufacturing in August and shipment in September, with backers expecting to receive their glasses in October. There haven’t been any stretch goals stated, but it can be confirmed that Solos is looking into a range of colours, so there won’t be any worry of if it will clash with your brightly coloured spandex.

    Solos updated once the campaign had reached 200% of its initial goal, and assured those who backed it that their comments hadn’t gone unnoticed, with the addition of ANT+ connectivity: “Many of you have asked us about the ANT+ connectivity. Solos has been engineered to have the capability of connecting to supported ANT+ profiles and still maximizing the power of your Smartphone to process and collect all of your ride data. Solos has now officially become a member of the ANT+ alliance to ensure we can fully support and work with your ANT+ enabled sensors.”

    The hardware is that the glasses will act as a “heads-up” display and will have features such as speed, power zones, calories burnt, distance and elevation, heart rate, and cadence all able to pop up on the lenses. The glasses are also responsive via voice cammand and sensors, and so making calls and bringing up navigation is made easy.

    Solos will be making its way over to the Olympics in Rio next month along with Team USA, to there might be a little glimpse into how well they work during the coverage of the event.

    VRFocus will continue to report on the latest AR and VR hardware, as well as all the news and updates in the world of VR.