Smell of Death Horror FPS Seeps Into HTC Vive Today

    It was first warned that first person horror titles were not to be advised for virtual reality (VR), but there has been a distinct increase in those exact types of titles. Now Smell of Death is to join the list of action horror titles for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

    Smell of Death, developed by Alkame Games, is an FPS that lets the player choose whether to enter story or survival mode, but either way the player must defend against and sustain through the mutant raid that humanity is under attack from. In order for there to be a cure to this dystopian situation, Dr. Jeni and Sam must work on the first generation thoroughbred creatures, and it is up to the player to take on the enemies to allow them to work.

    “You know the rules and what to do. Don’t make much noise it cause them to come more. Be careful and make sure that you are safe. One shot to head is enough to kill most of them. Hurry up, complete your mission and come back.”

    Players must be the hero, and they can compete with either their friends or opponents in the survival mode available to play. Weapons available to try out are Baretta, Katana, and M4 weaponry, with chances to expand guns with new updates. To save time, players can teleport using the map so there is more time to search for keys, magazines, and items lying around. The enemies ready to take you on are of 15 varieties, with bosses included, all of which have different characteristics.

    This title appears to be the first episode of what could be a series, but right now it isn’t absolutely sure whether or not there will be a regular release of further episodes. It is currently priced at £18.99 (GBP).

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