Slash and Slay Oncoming Robots From an Elevator in Going Up For HTC Vive

    This is a pretty familiar gameplay concept but in virtual reality (VR) it could feel all new. Going Up is one of the more recent titles to come to the HTC Vive, and it is currently in Early Access.

    Players are asked to take up their stance and defend against evil murderous robots as you scale an endless building in an elevator. So far the features that have made it to the Early Access title are endless waves of robots that the player will have to slash down to defeat, multiple types of evil robots that will try to advance, the ability to wield a bolt of lighning, and build ups to boss battles that will challenge you after a set amount of levels.

    The developers commented on why this title is currently in Early Access: “Going Up is at a place where it’s fun, but could benefit enormously from feedback from the Steam community. The game is for you, and we want to make absolutely sure it’s good enough before calling it done.”

    As this is an Early Access title, the features that the team making Going Up is hoping to add are cosmetic unlocks, more enemy types, and more boss battles. The full release is planned to come out in the fourth quarter of this year, but “it could be pushed back if someone thinks of an awesome feature that would deserve more development time.”

    Currently the price for Going Up is £5.94 (GBP), which is at a 15% discounted price of the full £6.99. The team have said that when the full version comes out, the price will rise only by a couple of dollars, which should translate pretty much the same in GBP.

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