Shotguns, 3D Sound and More Featured in Latest Hordez Update

    Developer Zenz VR released its undead zombie shooter, Hordez just over a couple of weeks ago for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). Since then the studio has been busy adding several updates to improve the experience for gamers. Today the studio has released its third, with a raft of tweaks and fixes available through Steam.

    Hordez had a fairly small contingent of guns available, so Zenz VR has expanded the roster with the Obliterator, a shotgun that can be duel wielded. Aiding players in blasting away the waves of enemies is the new 3D binaurial sound addition, which will help locate the undead around you quicker.

    The studio has also overhauled the weapon handling system, to make it faster and more accurate. Zenz VR said in its Steam post: “Many have complained about the weapon swapping UI being clumsy and inaccurate so it has been completely overhauled. It works really well for us and once you get used to it you will be swapping katanas, shotguns and guns in a blazing speed!”

    The full changelog on Update #3 is as follows:

    3D binaurial sound added so you can pinpoint the position of the zombies Before they pin point you!

    Obliterator, a massive high-tech shotgun that you can dual wield which will blow you (and the zombies) away.

    A complete redesign of the weapon handling system. It now offers a unique 3D holographic image of weapons to be selected which is highly accurate and fast. Once you get the right twitch you can swap weapons at break neck speed when you really need them the most.

    Health meter swapped for a really nice animated Health globe system.

    The Katana is larger and makes a nice swooshing sound and has cool flow trail. You can now litterally hack the zombies into giblets if you swing fast and hard enough. Damage is totally dependent on speed.

    Grenades are now a lot easier to throw!

    The grabber weapon now picks things up at lighting speed.

    Critter demons can no longer kill you from underneath

    Tons of bugs and map fixxes as well as subtle gameplay tweaks

    VRFocus will continue it coverage of Hordez, reporting back any further announcements.