Shoot More Zombies Soon in VR zGame

    There are plenty of zombies videogames on Steam to choose from, and even in these early days of virtual reality (VR) the genre is well stocked. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more and listed for release tomorrow on Steam Early Access is VR zGame, a HTC Vive title from StormBringer Studios.

    VR zGame going for a mixture of sci-fi and horror, where aliens have come to Earth and everything has gone into meltdown. Governments have collapsed, UFO cults and religions have spread like wildfire and strange things have begun occurring. To add to the mix the undead have popped up to cause some mayhem and you’ve got to blast some brains to survive.

    When the early access version launches there will be one large area to explore of a much bigger island with five weapon variants to choose from. Your choices are: the M9A1 with light attachment as the default weapon, the AKM, Grenades for large groups, but be careful as you may damage yourself, the DT11 and the classic Shotgun for maximum close range destruction.

    The title will be released in episodes, roughly every 2-3 months, opening up more of the island, adding features and fixing bugs. StormBringer Studios plans to be in early access for around 8 months.

    For the full version of VR zGame there will be more weapons, including popular firearms as well as melee and custom made and alien weapons, additional enemies and puzzles. The story will be fleshed out and a multiplayer version with Co-op will also be added.

    For further details on VR zGame keep reading VRFocus.