Sheffield Doc/Fest To Feature Mostly VR Pieces

    One of the most referred to virtual reality (VR) documentaries, Clouds Over Sidra, came from the VR-heavy film festival based in the north of England, as well as many other titles from a vast list of VR films and videos. The festival is back and with the majority of its entries dedicated to the platform of storytelling in the newly appointed interactive section of the event, perhaps moreso than ever during the event next month.

    The Sheffield Doc/Fest is to make a comeback this year in a big way as far as VR is concerned, with a nearly never ending list of VR titles, including: We Wait, which transports you to the heart of the Syrian refugee crisis; The Enemy, a nontraditional depiction of war and giving voices to those living in violence; Origins, which takes you on a trip back to the world’s largest suppliers of LSD and hash; Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness, which sees a testimony on John Hull’s loss of sight; Mars 2030, a VR journey to Mars; Invisible, a guided journey into the UK’s immigration detention system; In My Shoes: Dancing with Myself, a first-person story of Jane, friends, strangers and epilepsy; Home – An Immersive Spacewalk Experience, a journey to the International Space Station where a space-walk doesn’t go to plan; and many others which can be found on the list.

    It was reported earlier that the festival has its own section where VR titles can be judged as the submissions and demand for the platform exceeded its minority state. The section is called Alternate Realities, and has its own award, the Alternate Realities VR Award.

    Sheffield Doc/Fest will take place next month on 10th – 15th June in Sheffield and tickets are currently still available to get hold of at a standard price of £358.80 GBP.

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