See What the VR Future Could Hold With Uncanny Valley

    Virtual reality (VR) hopes to open up a whole new world of engaging, immersive possibilities. From entertainment through mediums like videogames and films, to training and learning programs. But what about its future, where could VR’s development progress to? There’s been lots estimations made both good and bad, analysts say it could be big business in the next few years, but detractors see the technology as an isolating experience. Filmmakers have long experimented with VR’s pro’s and con’s, The Lawnmower Man or eXistenz just a couple of examples. Now a new short film has also decided to tackle the subject, Uncanny Valley.

    Uncanny Valley, an 8-minute short from writer/ director Frederico Heller, is a stylist look at a dystopian future, centred in a crumbling, decaying house that contains VR addicts. People who have no interest in the real world or are simply trying to escape from it.

    VR in Uncanny Valley isn’t confined to clunky head-mounted displays (HMDs) attached to powerful PC’s. The hardware is a nose ring that allows an unencumbered experience, just clip it on and away you go. The main character jumps into a first-person team shooter, enjoying the thrill of dispatching alien creatures with a variety of weapons. But is the immersive experience all it seems to be?

    Watch the full film below, and see for yourself. VRFocus will keep following the latest news on VR as filmmakers continue to develop their ideas on the technology.


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