See an Object in AR Before 3D Printing with REALview

    3D printing has advanced dramatically over the last few years, printer prices and size have reduced to make the technology much more cost effective. Users design the 3D object on screen before sending it of to print but can’t interact with it until the process has been completed. Seeing the model on screen prior to printing is one thing but making it more interactive would likely help in the creation process, helping reduce mistakes or tweaking design decisions. So CreateItReal has come up with an augmented reality (VR) preview feature called REALview allowing users to see and move a model in their own hands.

    CreateItReal has announced a new update to its slicing software to include an AR component. It works by users printing a special marker with QR codes placed around it. This is then shown to the PC’s webcam which will then bring the object onto screen. Designers can twist and turn the marker to look at the model in a much more involved way, enabling the expected size to be examined so that it prints correctly first time.

    The main benefits of this AR tech is that it’ll save users time – not having to reprint corrections – and money – for the materials used in those reprints.

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