Samsung Releases Promotional Gear VR Infographic

    Next year may very well be the true year of virtual reality (VR) after something of a false start in 2015 but Samsung are keen not to let you forget that whilst release dates may have slipped for other head mounted displays their HMD the Gear VR has already made it to retail. In light of this and with the end of the 2015 now here Samsung have released via their Public Relations newswire a new infographic.

    Whilst it gives some facts and figures, it is more relating to the abilities of the Gear VR as opposed to relating how well it has been selling. Although for the latter we know it has at least been selling well enough to make acquiring one problematic for some.

    Where 2016 will take the smartphone based HMD,  but we may soon see as 2016 brings with it the forthcoming CES event where Samsung will be in attendance with a motion controller for the Gear VR called rink.

    VRFocus will be bringing you more news on this and the Gear VR in general throughout 2016.


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