Samsung Product Expert on AR Development: “It will happen, but not immediately”

    Once again Samsung has come out with all the lights and music, putting on another Samsung Unpacked event, this time only geared towards the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the latest version of the Gear VR that is compatible with the rather large tablet phone. While at the event, VRFocus was told that although Samsung isn’t showing any signs of developing augmented reality (AR), it is very much up for the challenge.

    A source told VRFocus of the slow but sure plans that Samsung is taking to not only have a hand in virtual reality (VR) with its Gear VR and Gear 360 pieces of tech, but also AR. “The steps are already in place for AR experiences on Gear VR, but plans for content are not forthcoming yet.”

    They go on with an almost prophetic air about the information: “It will happen, but not immediately.”

    Although these details seem pretty vague, it is exciting to consider the idea of one of the bigger names in mobile VR to make a cross over to AR as well. This has not yet been done, and it can be assumed that if and when Samsung does take on this new venture, it will blow up in the most commercial way possible. However, before we get too carried away, this is all yet to be officially announced by the company themselves.

    But, it is only baby steps at the moment, with the newest version of the Gear VR being announced. This new Gear VR has a wider field of vision (FOV), and is compatible with both the Galaxy Note 7 and all of the phones previously compatible with the consumer Gear VR.

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