Today Roto VR, the company behind a motorised chair system to be used with virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) has announced the opening of pre-orders for the product.

The Roto VR chair will launch in July 2016 for $599 USD. But for those that wish to pre-order a special $100 discount is available bringing the chair down to $499. For that price gamers get Roto VR Base; Roto VR Chair; Roto VR HeadTracker; Roto VR Touch Pedals and Roto VR Basic Cable Magazine.

There’s also several accessories to enhance the Roto VR, including the Advanced Cable Magazine for Oculus, PSVR & HTC for $99.99; Double Rumble Roto VR Simulator Pack  for $149.99 and the Roto VR Table for $49.99, so for the full experience you’ll be spending $798.97.

“95% of VR experiences are designed for a seated user, commented Elliot Myers, CEO at Roto VR. “Roto VR now transforms the awkward seated VR set-up into a totally immersive “endlessly revolving” experience – motorised turns, no tangling cables, double rumble effect and much more.”

The Roto VR is designed to make VR experiences even more immersive whilst reducing the effects of simulator sickness. Turning your head will activate the motors in the base, while controls located at the players feet enables movement. VRFocus got a hands-on with the kit last year, using the Oculus Rift with Alien Isolation and saw the potential.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Roto VR, reporting back any further announcements.

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