Ripcoil Announced for Oculus Touch

    We still don’t know when the Oculus Touch controllers will be released but the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is giving us plenty of games to look forward to when they do, one of which is Ripcoil by Oculus Studios and Sanzaru Games.

    Little is known about Ripcoil at the moment, but it’s being described as a player vs. player title which pits players against one another in a futuristic arena where they will launch, catch, and punch a speeding Ripcoil disc. From what we can see from the released image of the title, Ripcoil will be a sci-fi affair and considering the Ricoil disc looks somewhat sharp we imagine there’s a chance some gruesome violence will be involved. With the support of the Oculus Touch controllers players will be able to control their body and hands for accurate and immersive catch and throw actions.

    This will be Sanzaru’s second title for Rift and Touch as it’s working on another videogame that seems much lighter in terms of content called VR Sports Challenge, a videogame that will allow players to take part in a wide range of sporting challenges. VR Sports Challenge is also set to launch with Touch in the second half of the year.

    Ripcoil doesn’t have a firm release date just yet but when it’s released it will be exclusive to Oculus Rift. Keep reading VRFocus for more news on Ripcoil as well as more exciting VR releases from E3 2016.