Ubisoft Shows Off Multiplayer Eagle Flight Gameplay

    Though Eagle Flight is Ubisoft’s first foray into virtual reality (VR) technology, it certainly bears some resemblance to the developer’s other games such as Assassin’s Creed, inviting players to explore a beautiful open world with a host of events and collectibles to interact with.

    At its conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Ubisoft has revealed more gameplay for the title. Things continue to look promising for Eagle Flight, and our expectations were already fairly high after getting the chance to preview the title earlier this year. In Eagle Flight players control an eagle (surprise!) that’s flying through the streets of a deserted Paris. There will be both single and multiplayer modes with missions that will involve ring parkour (more surprise!) and ring challenges as well as exploring to find hidden areas and important collectibles.

    The new footage from the conference showed off the game’s multiplayer mode with a game called Catch of Prey. Palmer Lucky and head of publishing at Oculus, Jason Holtman, took to the stage to play against each other in two teams of 3. Catch of Prey is essentially a capture the flag style game where “teamwork is key to succeeding.” Players work together to get the pray to their nest, using shortcuts to stay out of sight of their opponents and wind and thermals for speed boosts. In the end Palmer Lucky’s team was victorious but the demo gave us a good chance to see the more social side of Eagle Flight at work and it looks fast-paced and exciting. 

    Eagle Flight doesn’t have a firm release date just yet but when it is released in Autumn 2016 it’ll be available on Playstation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. The videogame will be playable on Oculus VR and Ubisoft’s show floor booths at E3. For more information on Eagle Flight as it’s released, keep following VRFocus.