Rec Room: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

    Continuing a free download theme this week for VRFocus’s achievements feature is Rec Room by indie studio Against Gravity. This is the developers first virtual reality (VR), going for sporty gameplay on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). The free title features 36 Steam Achievements to unlock and as always we’ve got the full list below.

    Rec Room is a multiplayer focused title, pitting players against each other across a series of sports. These include: Paintball, 3D Charades, Disc Golf, Zero-G Paddle Ball and Dodgeball. There’s also a social element where friends can hangout in the locker room before going head-to-head in one of the activities.

    Full Achievement List:


    Welcome to Rec Room!

    Login to the Rec Room for the first time.



    Customize your avatar for the first time.



    Play Paintball


    Chill dude

    High five someone


    Party participant

    First fist bump



    Make a GIF or Video



    Play Paddle Ball



    Play 3D Charades



    Play Dodgeball



    Play Disc Golf


    Baller Pro

    Play Paintball 10x


    Award-nominated documentarian

    Make 10 GIFs or Videos


    Chill dude pro

    High five 10 different people


    Artiste Pro

    Play 3D Charades 10x


    Paddler Pro

    Play Paddle Ball 10x


    Dodger Pro

    Play Dodgeball 10x


    Award-winning documentarian

    Make 100 GIFs or Videos


    Super Baller

    Play Paintball 100x


    Frolfer Pro

    Play Disc Golf 10x


    Ultra Baller

    Play Paintball 1000x


    Party person

    100 fist bumps


    Legendary documentarian

    Make 1000 GIFs or Videos


    Ultra chill dude

    High five 1000 different people


    Super chill dude

    High five 100 different people


    Super Artiste

    Play 3D Charades 100x


    Party god

    100000 fist bumps


    Party maniac

    10000 fist bumps


    Party monster

    1000 fist bumps


    Party animal

    500 fist bumps


    Super Paddler

    Play Paddle Ball 100x


    Ultra Paddler

    Play Paddle Ball 1000x


    Super Dodger

    Play Dodgeball 100x


    Ultra Artiste

    Play 3D Charades 1000x


    Ultra Frolfer

    Play Disc Golf 1000x


    Super Frolfer

    Play Disc Golf 100x


    Ultra Dodger

    Play Dodgeball 1000x