RealControl is a DIY VR Input System to Complement Cardboard, First Title Released

    Google changed the mobile virtual reality (VR) landscape last year with the introduction of the Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD). This DIY device provided a cheap, easy VR solution by using mostly household materials to create a frame that would hold the user’s smartphone in place. Over the past year this has proved to be an effective means of getting a limited VR experience into people’s hands. Now technology company Realiteer is expanding on the DIY concept with its own RealControl input system to complement Google Cardboard.

    Just as with Google Cardboard, RealControl is an affordable device made out of simple materials. It can be purchased from Realiteer itself for just $10 USD or made using a set of instructions. The kit consists of an image recognition system, with the user’s smartphone scanning the image on the handheld controller and bringing it into the given VR experience. The company claims that the combination of the smartphone, Google Cardboard and RealControl system offers 18 degrees of freedom within a mobile VR experience including hand movement, walking, and head rotation.

    For those interested in testing out the kit, one of the first compatible titles for it has now launched on both the iOS and Android operating systems (OSs). That title is Wizard Academy, an experience in which players can use the RealControl system to cast spells and navigate around a setting. The experience consists of a number of minigames that will see players utilising the control scheme in a number of different ways. The app costs £0.79 GBP and a trailer for the experience can currently be seen below.

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