RadicalMedia is Working on Creating AR Celebrity Holograms With Uncorporeal

    RadicalMedia, a company who claims not to be just a production company nor a marketing one but a company who “simply makes things”, has partnered up with Uncorporeal, a virtual reality  (VR) specialist startup, have both been working together to create augmented reality (AR) holograms of celebrities.

    In a report by Variety, it is said that not much about the project was shared – especially not what types of musicians, artists, or scientists could feature. CTO of RadicalMedia, Evan Schechtman, spoke to the website about how the project it about “capturing great people doing great things,” and how “the whole volume of the room is the canvas”.

    Where RadicalMedia seems to be doing all the planning, Uncorporeal is taking care of the more technical side of things as they are developing technology to capture holograms of humans to then be used in AR and VR. Sebastian Marino is the head of the company who is utilising an eight person team for this project. Marino has worked on the visual effects for Avatar, and some of the team has worked at Lucasfilm, Weta Digital, and Electronic Arts.

    “We are focused on cinematic holographic video capture,” said Uncorporeal COO and co-founder Kul Wadhwa.

    The effort being put into this cannot be denied, as there are 48 retail bought cameras placed in a circle around a green screen stage, which can be used for both AR and traditional video.  “We can do things that the technology doesn’t support yet,” said Wadhwa.

    It is reported that RadicalMedia is focused on AR for this project, and doesn’t think that VR will be as good as what AR will be. Schechtman was said to predict AR tech to reach consumers in the next year, and this project will be available by then.

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