Qoocam 8K 10-bit sample video in low light

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Qoocam 8K 10-bit low light sample video

Kandao posted a new sample video from the Qoocam 8K (previewed here) to show the benefits of 10-bit video in low light.

Qoocam 8K is the first consumer 360 camera to feature 8K resolution.  It is also the first consumer 360 camera to have 10-bit video, which can be very helpful for low light, allowing better shadow and highlight recovery, and much greater latitude in postprocessing as shown in this video.

The sample is too brightly lit to show the Qoocam 8k’s true low light capability, but it does show good dynamic range and latitude, although there is a slight magenta tint, possibly indicating slight clipping with the green channel (but it could also be just a mistake in white balance).

All samples from the Qoocam 8K thus far have been on a tripod, so we haven’t seen the actual stabilization performance yet.  Kandao has also canceled Amazon preorders for the Qoocam 8k and has also delayed sending the review units so I still don’t know what it’s like in real life but so far it looks promising.

Meanwhile, here is the 360 video (already graded):

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