PuppetsVR Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

    Steam Greenlight has become the ideal way for independent virtual reality (VR) videogame developers to attract attention to their projects, particularly when these projects are less than traditional when it comes to gameplay or content. A title that’s recently launched a Steam Greenlight campaign and could be said to fall into the less than traditional category is PuppetsVR.

    PuppetsVR is a VR experience that is, unsurprisingly, about puppets. When in the world of PuppetsVR players are able to manipulate the videogame’s virtual puppets much like they’d use them in the real world. If the title was just a single player experience this could eventually become dull, and perhaps slightly disturbing, so fortunately PuppetsVR also offers a multiplayer mode in which players will be able to connect with their friends and host their very own puppet show. Players can customise their puppets, changing faces and accessories before they bring them to life on stage. PuppetsVR doesn’t even require a VR headset to enjoy, as those without a headset will be able connect to the videogame and watch the performances of other players who do have headsets.

    PuppetsVR is a title for Oculus Rift, and the developers say that planned features if the title is successful in its Greenlight campaign are support for Oculus Touch, different environments, visually appealing puppets, more accessories and much more besides.

    The title is part of the Virtualis Project, an art exhibit to be shown this coming November in Montreal that takes place entirely in VR where all of the experiences relate to a performance art of some kind.

    PuppetsVR is definitely an unusual VR title but its trailer shows just how funny it has the potential to be. VRFocus will follow the progress of the PuppetsVR Steam Greenlight campaign and report back with news as it happens.