Pokémon GO: Even The Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters Want In

    Pokémon GO has come out in Japan and has already taken the country by storm. The augmented reality (AR) game launched with over ten million Japanese downloads and, as you might expect Niantic’s servers have already begun to feel the strain. However, with the onset of the latest bout of pokéfever an unusual instance of crossovers has occurred, with the title so popular it seems to be invading other things and distracting the protagonists of other series.

    Perhaps the most notable instance of this comes in the form of the Konami backed Yu-Gi-Oh! In which new artwork shared by the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga Kazuki Takahashi on Instagram showed the various heroes and antagonists of the series united in their desire to catch ’em all.

    The artist, as reported by Anime News Network, said the characters are from an “alternate world” where Pokémon GO was the game used for the franchise’s Battle City event. As Pokémon’s latest push continues what other media will the game crossover into? VRFocus will bring you updates on the latest changes with the game as well as other news regarding its creator Niantic Labs as we get it.

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