PlayStation VR UK and Europe Release Dates Confirmed

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year in Los Angeles has been filled with exciting announcements for virtual reality (VR) fans. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) in particular has been using the event to reveal detail after detail about its upcoming virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR. One of the most important announcements is, of course, the headset’s release date. It was announced during the E3 Sony press conference this week that the PlayStation VR would be released in the US on October 13th 2016. Then, shortly after the conference in a more quiet online affair, it was revealed that the headset would be coming to Japan on the very same date.

    Now, in an interview with The Telegraph, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s president and chief executive Jim Ryan has confirmed that the PlayStation VR will also be coming to the UK and most of Europe on October 13th too, saying “We will launch on the same date in the UK and most of Europe.” Ryan said “most of Europe” rather than all of Europe because, apparently, there are a number of smaller European markets where the headset will be released slightly later. “We just didn’t want to put up a list of 100 countries on screen.”

    When it’s launched in the UK, the PlayStation VR will cost £349.99 and €399.99 in Europe. You don’t have to wait until October 13th to buy the headset, however, as this week Sony released Phase 2 of its pre-order stock to retailers Amazon and GAME so that excited gamers could order theirs now to receive it on launch date.

    As well as the headset’s release date, Sony has also revealed at E3 that the PlayStation VR will have a host of exclusives including huge titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil VII, and Batman: Arkham and that before the year is out, owners of the headset will have a library of 50 VR titles to choose from.

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