PlayStation VR Announces Tumble VR Release

    It has been a busy day for Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) who has just released the launch date and price for the PlayStation VR (PSVR). In addition, it has uploaded trailers for some of the games that will be available on PSVR. Simon Harris, Executive Producer of Supermassive Games, has announced Tumble VR as one of the titles being developed exclusively for PlayStation VR.

    Tumble VR is a first-person puzzle game that aims to test mental and physical dexterity as the player completes a series of tasks to solve increasingly challenging puzzles. Tasks can range from building towers to mind-boggling brainteasers.

    The original Tumble PS3 game has been revamped for PlayStation VR, with the introduction of new cooperative and competitive gaming modes which utilise the PlayStation VR Social Screen feature to allow a second player to join in the game without using a VR headset. In addition, new levels have been added to capitalise on the potential of the VR environment.

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