Orb Hunter Wins Epic Games’ FMX VR Jam

    At the end of April VRFocus reported on Unreal Engine creator Epic Games hosting a VR Jam at FMX 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany. Five teams from across Europe were selected to deliver a virtual reality (VR) project in four days, using the theme of ‘What Moves You’. Now the studio has revealed all the projects created and the eventual winner.

    Two of the teams came from the Netherlands, with the winning group consisting of Frank Hartman, Lex Brouwers, Ryan van den Bogaard. They developed Orb Hunter, a videogame that involves players sneaking around a map to destroy orbs whilst a guardian tries to stop you. If it catches up then it’s game over.

    They added to the challenge of creating a title in four days by also going for a control system that didn’t use a controller. The team explained on an Unreal Engine blog post: “Well, imagine a big angry guardian running at you, the most natural thing to do is to take cover, so you’ll likely duck. Doing so, you’ll often look at your feet. We’ve made it so that whenever you look at your feet, you’ll teleport to the next location and so that’s what makes you move.”

    The judges who chose the winning entry consisted of, Kim Libreri (CTO, Epic Games), Nick Whiting (Epic Games) and Duncan Burbage (The Third Floor), and each member of the team has won a HTC Vive Pre development kit.

    The other projects created were; The Space Between from Team 1 – Denmark; Au Chateau by Team 2 – France; Sketch Forward from Team 3 – Spain and Mr. Wiggles from Team 4 – Netherlands.

    Epic Games will also be releasing a behind-the-scenes look from the FMX VR Jam at some point in the future on the blog.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Epic Games, reporting back on the studios latest VR related projects.