OnePlus Team with ANTVR for Free ‘Loop’ VR Headset

    OnePlus has shown significant interest in virtual reality (VR), with their own version of the Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD) and hosting the world’s first product launch in VR last year. Now however, the company is going one further by offering a free HMD with their new smartphone handset, the OnePlus 3.

    In a partnership with ANTVR, the Loop VR HMD looks strikingly similar to the Samsung Gear VR. So much so in fact that even the ‘Powered by Oculus’ adorning the side of Samsung’s proprietary HMD is mirrored in this collaborative effort between OnePlus and ANTVR. However, though the HMD looks similar to the Samsung Gear VR, its performance is more likely to be in line with that of a Google Cardboard standard VR viewer. There’s been no discussion of the content that will be made available nor any ideals of securing software designed specifically for the HMD.

    The Loop VR HMD weighs 366g, and will begin shipping on 1st June 2016. Few other details about the HMD have been revealed at this point.

    Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is the fact that Loop VR will be free for the first 30,000 customers who pre-order the OnePlus 3 from the official OnePlus website. It’s not yet been clarified as to whether this figure is the total amount of free HMDs that will be provided or divisible internationally, however the Loop VR HMD will be made available to UK consumers.

    Furthermore, there has not yet been talk of support for the device once this 30,000 units has been reached. Whether or not consumers who miss out on the free HMD will be able to purchase the Loop VR separately has not yet been confirmed.

    OnePlus Team with ANTVR for Free ‘Loop’ VR Headset

    You can find out more information about the Loop VR HMD at OnePlus’ official website, with the debut trailer for the device available below. VRFocus will endeavour to secure more information on OnePlus’ VR ambitions, reporting back with all the latest details.