Oculus to Present Evolve Keynote at Develop: Brighton Next Month

    There is a whole host of virtual reality (VR) talks and events happening during this year’s Develop: Brighton conference, including VR titles making it to the finals in the Indie Showcase, Bossa Studios to hold a keynote, Vanguard Games to talk about VR – just to name a few. Now it has been announced that the Head of Developer Strategy at Oculus will be taking to the stage to kick off the Evolve day with a keynote.

    Anna Sweet is the latest name to be added to the list of keynote speakers and will be looking into how VR “will help reinvent traditional genres while creating entirely new videogames and experiences”, according to the press release. To have a representative from Oculus opens up this event moreso as it stretches beyond UK talent to across the atlantic, with Oculus being one of the main players in VR.

    Sweet, before coming to Oculus, had some high-profile job titles that no doubt has helped her get to the top of the VR pioneering company. She led Steam software and hardware programs globally and is also credited with growing the platform user base to a large degree, and before that she was in charge of Project Management for Myspace, and designed and integrated user research and testing tools for Microsoft Games Studio.

    Develop: Brighton will take place over three days, from 12th to 14th July where 1,800 developers from Europe come together. There will also be a big highlight on VR this year with the newest addition of the VR Gallery, dedicated to VR and augmented reality (AR) showcasings.

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