Virtual reality (VR) is a unique medium that allows designers to fully immerse themselves in a projects ideas, helping to visualise and assist in the planning. Vicator is a Swedish content creation company specialises in developing immersive, interactive applications using VR and augmented reality (AR) technologies. In 2014 along with architects XN-Villan, the company used VR to design a house that has been completed this year.

During the planning stages of the house in late 2013 the layout of the house was sketched on paper. In early 2014 these sketches were transformed into a VR 3D- model using the Unity game engine which allowed the residents and architect to immerse themselves in the build and move around inside

The video below is of owner Peter Thor using an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) along with an Omnideck 6, a 6 metre-wide motorised treadmill by Omnifinity. The system uses 16 sections of rollers connected to an underlying belt that will ensure users don’t come off of the mat. The Omnideck 6 will track the user’s position and Omnifinity’s software will keep velocity in check depending on the application and environment, adapting for when users move from standing still into a walk or run.

Using the VR environment a specific problem with the placement of the freezer and fridge in relation to kitchen wall and ceiling was found, which had originally been overlooked.

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