Oculus VR is building an undeniably impressive content line-up for its Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). Across events like E3 and last month’s Oculus Connect 2 the company has revealed that it is working with the likes of Insomniac Games, Sanzaru Games, Coatsink Software, Boneloaf and many more to provide videogames for the launch of the consumer device in Q1 2016. But don’t expect these studios to developer just one VR title alone. In fact, Oculus VR recently revealed that ‘every single’ signed developer is working on a second VR experience to some degree.

Jason Rubin, Oculus VR’s Head of Worldwide Studios, confirmed as much in a recent interview at GamesBeat 2015. Speaking about his approach to getting developers to work in VR, Rubin said: “And the most important indication of the success of VR to me has been that fact that every single developer that I have signed at Oculus has asked me to do a second title and has either signed or is pitching to do second titles. And many developers, some of them quite large, well known developers, have said “Listen, we’re winding down our other contracts over time, we’re all-in on VR.” Not a single developer that I’ve worked with has said “After this game, I think I’m going to go back to doing something else.

“It is incredibly compelling. And if all the developers we’re working with buy-in, it’s going to create the content that brings the audience,” Rubin concluded.

This is no small feat considering the list of developers that Oculus VR has revealed it is working with. Along with previously mentioned studios, that list also includes the likes of Gunfire Games, High Voltage Software, Ready at Dawn and even Square Enix. Assuming all of these fall under Rubin’s answer then it sounds as if some of these developers could even be turning into VR-exclusive studios later down the line.

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