New Trailer Unveiled for The Apollo 11 VR Experience

    In January David Whelan and his team announced on their Kickstarter crowd-funding page for The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience, that the project would support all three major head-mounted displays (HMDs), Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR at their respective launches. In a few weeks time the Oculus Rift and slightly later HTC Vive will see their official arrivals, and the developers have added a new update outlining what they’ve been up to as well as releasing a new trailer.

    In the update from the team it reads: “With the Oculus Rift being released on the 28th of this month we are doing everything we can to be included as a launch title but we still have some work to do first before our final build is submitted and approved. Apollo 11 VR will also be available in the Vive in a few weeks time and later on Playstation VR.”

    An update to the previous news of a possible Samsung Gear VR version was also included, saying: “For everybody that has asked about GearVR support unfortunately the scope of this project is far too large for us to get it onto the platform in its current state. We do intend to release something for the GearVR but this will be some time after release.”

    The new trailer for The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience can be seen below, and VRFocus will continue its coverage of the project, reporting back any new updates.


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