New Trailer for PlayStation VR’s Mortal Blitz VR Revealed

    Skonec Entertainment’s Mortal Blitz VR is causing quite a storm at present. The well-received debut on Samsung Gear VR has paved the way for a release on PlayStation VR, however the studio is determined to make this second outing a very different beast. A brand new trailer revealing gameplay elements from the forthcoming PlayStation 4 edition proves exactly that.

    Mortal Blitz VR’s Gear VR release was limited due to the power of the host platform and input options. On PlayStation 4, with PlayStation VR, the constraints are lessened greatly and Skonec Entertainment plan to capitalise on this. Improvements to the videogame include PlayStation Move implementation to allow for dual-wielding uncoupled from the player’s viewpoint.

    The brand new trailer for Mortal Blitz VR on PlayStation VR can be seen below, and VRFocus has already confirmed that the videogame will see a global launch alongside the PlayStation 4 head-mounted display (HMD) in October 2016. Be sure you’re ready for the launch of Mortal Blitz VR with VRFocuscomprehensive guide to the PlayStation VR launch and necessary PlayStation VR accessories.