New To VR: Race Across The Surface Of Mars In Vector 36

    After yesterday’s slice of reality in virtual reality (VR) we’re stepping back and away from the serious and back into the world of videogames with Steam Early Access title Vector 36.

    Developed by New Zealand-based developer Red River Studios, Vector 36 takes place out in space, to be more specific it takes place on the surface of Mars. In the game you take on the role of a ‘Skimmer’ pilot, one of a number of individuals who traverse the Martian surface in the custom low flying vehicles and who take part in races to prove who is the best in the fields of piloting and engineering.

    Offering support to the Oculus Rift DK2 head mounted display (HMD) using SDK 0.7 and requiring both an Nvidia 6 or ATI series 7 graphics card or higher, Vector 36 is currently available for £10.99 as an Early Access title. You can get a good idea about what the game is like in the Early Access trailer below.

    New To VR will be back on VRFocus will return tomorrow with one last item before the weekend, but be sure to check out all the latest news and features coming out from Paris Games Week before that time.


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