New Gear VR Experience Takes Viewers on a Pilgrimage to Mecca

    Gear VR has seen a lot of high profile releases over the past few weeks including the likes of Resolution Games’ Bait! and Carlos Coronado’s Annie Amber. There have been fewer experimental experiences popping up on the Oculus Concepts section of the virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display’s (HMD’s) store, however, but that’s changing this week. SYNCORP has launched a free new app named Experience Mecca, which takes users on a journey to the Middle East.

    According to the app’s description, Experience Mecca aims to give users a tour of landmarks of the holy place, giving you the chance to take them in like never before. You’ll visit the grand mosque, meet Muslim worshipers and experience the tranquillity of the scene. “The emotion you will get are indescribable,” the app’s description notes, “you definitely have to see it, to believe. So, sit back, relax and put your goggles on for a rare out of the body spiritual journey.”

    Experience Mecca does not require a controller to be played and takes up 107MB of space. Stay tuned to VRFocus for the latest updates on Gear VR releases.