My XMAS Family Vacation was RAD with the Insta360 One X Cam [on Skis, Snowmobiles & DJI Mavic 2 Pro]

Had a great time in Crested Butte Colorado this Xmas with family. Big thanks to my Mom Linda for making it happen!, Dean for helping me dig out the snowmobile!, and the rest of you that were able to make it! Great memories were made!

My brother Casey, the master skier owns a picture car company in NM if you need vehicles for movies etc
His wife Nancy runs a coffee shop
My mother runs a gift shop “Heaven” next door.
Please stop by if your traveling through Madrid NM or visit their websites and check out the goods.

Products I’ve previously reviewed, took with me on this trip and used in this video:
Insta360 one X Camera here
Mavic 2 Pro and other DJI Drones here
PGYTECH Mavic 2 Tripod Mount for 360
SkyReat Mavic 2 Pro 6 Pack Filter Set
Drone Launch Pad

Many days were in the near 0 degree temps and the 360 cam battery life was noticeably shortened due to the cold.

Hope you enjoy the view which is unique to us since we live in Hawaii.

– Dustin & Family