Mervils: A VR Adventure Demo First Look

    Mervil’s VR is a great fusion of platformer and adventure game wrapped up in a nice looking package. It has been really cool to watch this grow from its original form which was called Mushroomball VR back in the DK2 days. The game is fun and features clean and crisp graphics with a nice living world to explore. It will be launching sometime in Q3 2016 on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR. The demo has recently been made available, so if you currently have a CV1 or a Vive then I recommend heading over to the link at the end of this description and signing up for a demo to get a look at this one for yourself. I really enjoyed this demo and can’t wait to see the complete game!

    You can sign up for the demo and read more about the full game here:

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