Magic Leap: People Need to ‘start finding a common language’ for Mixed Reality

    There are currently two major players in the mixed reality (MR) space. The first is Microsoft, which is working on its HoloLens head-mounted display (HMD). The new kit will be arriving as a developer edition in Q1 2016, with studios hoping to get their hands on it now able to apply for a chance to pre-order the device for some $3,000 USD. Meanwhile, a lesser-known company named Magic Leap is also working hard on MR, though has kept much of its tech shrouded in mystery for the time being. Despite this, the company has big hopes that the MR development community will soon start growing.

    Chief Creative Officer Graeme Devine said as much during his ‘Design considerations for mixed reality‘ talk at the VR Intelligence Conference and Expo (VRX) earlier this week. “We have a once in a lifetime opportunity at Magic Leap,” he said towards the end of his talk. “Because I am creating a software ecosystem from start to finish.” Devine noted that Magic Leap is ‘redefining’ what it means to be a platform and that its best content won’t be coming from the company itself but the developers around the world that support it.

    “All we’ll do is show the starting line. If we actually give them a new platform, it’ll be very interesting,” he added citing frustrations with how interaction with digital media has remained largely the same over the past 20 years. “We have a chance to change things,” he said. “To make software that lives with you.”

    On that note, Devine concluded that it’s time for people “To start thinking about developing for mixed reality. To start finding a common language for the whole industry.”

    Just when we’ll see more of Magic Leap is unclear. VRFocus will continue to follow the tech closely, reporting back with any further updates on it.


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