Lucky’s Tale to be Similar to Portal in Length

    There are two virtual reality (VR) titles that customers are be able to get free with their Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs) right now. Those that pre-order the kit before its 28th March 2016 release date will be getting a copy of CCP Games’ multiplayer space shooter, EVE: Valkyrie, while everyone that buys the kit will receive Playful’s third-person platform title, Lucky’s Tale, for free. But just how long will the latter experience keep new Oculus Rift owners busy? According to the developer, fans can expect an experience similar in length to the first Portal.

    CEO Paul Bettner said as much in a recent interview with Gizmag. “And I think the game is gonna be shorter,” he said, “just to help set people’s expectations. VR just hasn’t been a thing long enough for us to go build a 30-40-50 hour game. Especially a content-rich experience like Lucky’s Tale. So it’s a shorter game.

    “But I think most things you’re gonna play in VR, initially, are gonna be shorter.”

    When asked for an estimate for length, the developer noted: “I think we’re kind of in the Portal 1 realm.” For context, How Long to Beat has an average of three hours and 22 minutes completion time based on 1,400 people.

    However, Bettner also explained that Lucky’s Tale will feature replayable missions too. “I don’t actually know yet, because we’ve been working on these other modes for the game that are kinda like Mario Galaxy or Mario 64, where you can revisit a level and it gets different…”

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