Life In 360°: NASA & Caltech Explain Juno’s Mission

    Welcome back to another week of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) news, interviews, videos, features and a whole lot more besides. Amongst other things this week sees the return of the Develop: Brighton conference which is set to have plenty to say about how VR is doing, and VRFocus will be in attendance. Along with that there’s the fallout from Pokémon Go to discuss which has made quite the impact.

    Before any of this though we have to start the week off with a 360 degree video in Life In 360° and today’s video is taking us out into space courtesy of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology a.k.a Caltech. You may have read or heard recently about NASA’s Juno spacecraft which, as the name suggests, was sent to Jupiter in order to help unlock some of the mysteries of, as NASA staff call it, our Solar System’s “biggest and baddest” planet. Life in orbit around Jupiter isn’t a picnic, it’s a violent place where anything be it rocks, dust or other space debris can be whirling around dangerously courtesy of the gas giant’s huge gravitational pull – 2.5 times that found on Earth.

    Already in orbit, this video, which uses mission animations, showcases just what the mission is all about as you fly along with Juno.  You can find the YouTube video below. Life In 360° returns Wednesday, be sure to follow VRFocus throughout the week for all the latest.

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