Life In 360°: LHC – The Largest Machine In The World

    When it comes to the great creations of man many people look to the past. The Great Wall of China for instance, or the pyramids at Giza. Other great wonders of the ancient world such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the lost Great Library of Alexandria. It is strange in many ways that we don’t look at the modern era with the same degree of wonder. The International Space Station for instance is one of the greatest things ever devised by man, yet it arguably is topped by that which is the subject of today’s Life In 360 video.

    Armed with 6 GoPro cameras, the BBC recently went to Switzerland to visit CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. At 17 miles long, the LHC is the largest machine in the world and what it is both achieving and attempting to achieve simply boggles the mind.  It’s a view that few will ever get the chance to see in person, so why not watch the video below.

    VRFocus will be bringing you more examples of 360 degree videos throughout the week.

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